Therapeutic Yoga Instruction for A Life You Love to Live: In Person & Virtual

Your body is designed to move in ways that feel free. Whether due to injury or trauma, chronic pain can feel devastating because it prevents you from doing what you love. By improving strength, flexibility, balance and range of motion, you can get back to living without worry of further injury.  Therapeutic yoga is a pathway to regaining a life you love - a life that does not cause you pain. Instruction is  designed to improve posture and get you back into proper alignment. Sessions are intelligently tailored to your exact needs, lifestyle goals and injury history. We utilize props in order for you to execute the poses maintaining perfect alignment, which creates an environment for your body to heal and adapt while minimizing risk.


-reduce pain & inflamation

-improve posture

-reduce stress

-improve sleep

-total mind-body-spirit alignment

-and so much more...


Therapeutic yoga is a great choice for so many reasons whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned yogi!

Regular yoga practice has been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve heart health, lower inflamation (the root cause of all disease), improve digestion & aid in healthy metabolism, help you breathe better which increases energy & vitality, reduce weight, aid in injury recovery & prevention, strengthen bones & ease symptoms of arthritis, improve mood, combat anxiety & depression, help relieve back pain, and improve quality of life. 

Private instruction doesn't only mean individualized care and attention for your body, it also means yoga on your schedule.


Whether you choose to have lessons in your home, my place or virtually - you can be sure to have a time that works for you. 

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60 Minutes Therapeutic Yoga - $120

90 Minutes Therapeutic Yoga + Wellness Coaching - $150

Travel fees - $20 within 20 minutes; variable for anything further

Monthly package discounts are available!

About Bianca

Bianca is passionate about everything mind, body & soul and knew from a very young age that all she wanted to do was help people. She never thought she would end up teaching yoga, but after a profound healing experience during her first yoga course in 2014, she answered the call. Following the death of her biological mother in 2013, Bianca developed Narcolepsy that caused her to experience 10-20 sleep attacks per day! Unable to function, she saught healing and went to India to study yoga on a hunch that yoga might help. Miraculously, within 30 days of working with a teacher in therapeutic yoga, she was completely off all medications and has remained totally symptom free in the 7 years since then. It was then she knew she had to share this practice with others. 

Bianca cultivates a mentality of being a lifelong student. She has additional certification in personal training, functional ageing, fitness nutrition and behavior change. 

Her hobbies include:

  • Hanging out with her dog, Pumpkin, a very cuddly black lab/Pitt mix
  • Camping and spending time in nature
  • Experimenting in the kitchen and creating new ways to enjoy healthy food
  • Watching Netflix (TV over Movies 95% of the time) 
  • Sampling craft beers searching for the perfect IPA
  • Reading something, usually non-fiction, but not exclusively
  • Channeling her creativity through writing

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