Integrative Solutions

The East Meets West Training approach to Wellness is about more than just physical health or mental well-being. Our philosophy is about balanced and joyful living as a fully integrated human living in their purpose. We are bridging the gap between practical self-care and self-realization. It's not just about what you do for you that matters, but what that teaches you every step of the way.

Strength Training

Yoga & Meditation

Somatic Movement

Nutrition Education

Wellness Coaching

Mindfulness Stress Relief

Bianca's grasp of the scientific elements of fitness training is the foundation for her practice. I've felt my body grow and change over the past year under her guidance, all without aggravating my previous injuries and imbalances. 

However, her greatest asset is her ability to connect to people on a human level. She doesn't treat you like a body to be fixed, or a muscle group to be toned. Her empathy and connection to spirit create an atmosphere that allows for vulnerability, trust, and confidence to bloom.

— K. Bilanowski

Choose your journey

Everyone's wellness walk will look different - different histories, different goals, different lifestyles, and so on. If you're tired of taking two steps forward and three steps backward when it comes to your health and well-being, hiring a coach is like enlisting a trusted guide who can help you navigate bumpy terrain. 

Inner Strength

Building muscle isn't just about getting physically stronger, it's about becoming mentally strong too. Inner Strength is your journey of transformation both inside and out. 

Get a custom strength training plan for at home or the gym, as well as macro-based meal plans, and 1:1 coaching to help you stay accountable and guide you through challenges as they arise.

BodyMind Kind

Are you looking for a gentle approach to a healthier, more compassionate relationship with yourself?

Slow down, soothe your nervous system, and tune into Self with somatic yoga practices and develop mindfulness around your nutrition. 

This is a program for those that are stressed out and know they need to slow down, pause, and be gentle with themselves so they can thrive!

Meet Bianca

Bianca is passionate about helping people live happier and healthier. She teaches a no-nonsense, no-frills approach to wellness that is accessible and sustainable for life. 

She wants each of her clients to fall deeply in love with themselves, whether through movement or stillness, and she creates space for people to transform inside and out. 

She holds credentials in the following areas: 

Personal Training, Yoga, Somatics, Functional Movement, Nutrition and Behavior Change.