Lack of motivation


Wishing for change and wanting for change will never create actual change. Does any of this sound familiar: “I’ll workout when I get home from work…” but then you get home and it doesn’t happen. “I’ll start tomorrow.” “I’ll start next Monday.” “I’ll start when I have more time.” Here’s the thing, you have to learn how to show up for yourself when you don’t want to. Willpower is a muscle that can be trained. It just takes practice and it takes someone standing in your corner who won’t buy your excuses.

Lack of a support system 


Building habits takes time and without strong encouragement, people easily fall back into their old ways quickly. A lot of people come to me because they struggle to remain consistent. They get excited about starting a new fitness program, but after a couple weeks or even days, they start missing a few workouts here and there, and then soon, they stop all together. This doesn’t happen with me. If it does happen, we troubleshoot, figure out what went wrong, so we can address the underlying issue to make sure a setback doesn’t become a relapse.

Lack of belief 


I see this all the time and this often prevents people from starting in the first place. Maybe you’ve had a couple of failures in your life and you’re not sure if you can face another one. Or maybe, you have a fear of getting what you want because you subconsciously don’t think you deserve it. Either way, together we work on changing how you see yourself and look at the world because what you think and believe manifests in your life whether you want it to or not. Learning how to use this principle in your favor has the power to work for you, rather than against you. 

Lack of proper knowledge 


Running and doing cardio to lose weight and still not getting the body you desire? Doing yoga to get “long and lean” muscles but not seeing any changes? Working out 5x a week but have no idea how to eat to create the progress you seek? Don’t like what you see in the mirror and use exercise and dieting as a way to create a body you love? Secret…. None of those things move you towards your goals. If you’re tired of googling the next best fitness routine or diet, but suffer from the information overload that causes you to not take action, you are not alone. I do all the heavy lifting in creating the perfect plan for you.

An environment not conducive to success


It is nearly impossible to aspire to greatness if you don’t have a good model for what you want to become. You might be surrounded by people engaging in unhealthy or self-destructive behaviors which leads you to follow suit. You need someone who you can relate to who is modeling the lifestyle you are trying to create, but don’t know where to look. Joining this community will give you that exposure and will show you there is a better way.

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