Achieving Balance In Life

If you are the observant type, you must have noticed that your susceptibility to falling off balance increases during certain transitions such as winter to spring and summer to fall. Personally, I hear a lot of people complain about not having enough time within 24 hours to get things done. Fair enough, the daily grind can cause us to struggle with work-life balance. I understand this.

Today’s demands of stress and pressure can burden people enough to fall off the wagon of balancing personal needs with that of the demands of life. For example, making time to exercise or lack of time to visit friends.

You are struggling to find your equilibrium if:

  • You are constantly stressed out
  • Your relationships are suffering 
  • Your level of patience is thin
  • You are uncertain about your priorities
  • Both your personal and professional life are in shambles

Importance of having a balanced life

A balanced life can do anything and everything for you. Yes, I am that confident about my premonitions. As you work towards this phase, you will notice a positive pattern of events in your life. The reason? Like attracts like and people with balanced lives attest to greater opportunities by attracting more that is in balance with who you are as a person.

Imagine if your goal were to have such a great physique and you were able to achieve it. I’ll bet your level of confidence will soar because your hard work yielded positive results. What happens next is that you begin to build your self-esteem subconsciously.

Whenever you gaze into the mirror, your self-awareness converts into self-admiration. This height of confidence is so infectious that it seeps into other facets of your journey.

The best part? It never stops until you get to a point of achieving mastery. At this point, you know who and what you stand for and would never settle for less.

Tips for achieving life balance

Stop being a ‘YES’ person

This has to be the first tip as many of us do not know where to draw the line of support. Being supportive and generous is a beautiful thing – professionally, spiritually, and emotionally. However, benevolence and integrity are on the same scale when it comes to the establishment of interpersonal trust. Simply put, never spread yourself too thin for another person’s selfish interests.

Nurture your mind and body

When you nurture an unhealthy lifestyle, it is seemingly impossible to have a balanced life. Healthy eating, intermittent rest, and regular exercise are important to merge mental and physical health. Imagine you took off some 20 minutes of the day to take a stroll, immerse in nature, read a book or listen to your favorite band or podcast. You will be investing in health bank and increasing your happiness simultaneously.

Set realistic and optimistic goals

You must put an expiration date on your realistic goals to allow yourself enough time to work to achieve them. Your goals should comprise your work, relationships, mental health, and physical health. 

Maintain a positive mindset

Always make the best of the situation knowing that rarely does everything go as planned. Your reaction in the face of adversities matter in overcoming them. Surround yourself with positive thoughts even when it seems that there are more negatives than you can manage.

Track and reevaluate your progress

Change is constant in the journey of finding a balance. By keeping a small journal or diary, you can track your progress and see what is left to do. And relax in between periods.

Develop a yoga and meditation practice

Yoga involves more than exercises that allow one to stretch and tie their bodies into shapes that might appear impossible to beginners. This is only one aspect of yoga called asana. Asana practice boosts health and to prepares the body for further meditation. Incorporating a yoga and meditation practice is the most sure-fire way to bring about a state of persistent equilibrium in your life. 

Reiki treatment

This simple and natural method of self-improvement and spiritual healing eases you into a state of relaxation where your mind, body, and spirit unite. More importantly, healing energy is transmitted through the hands and relaxing the overburdened nerves into a state of harmony and balance thereby, restoring the body to its naturally healthy state.

Achieving balance in life cannot be overemphasized in our present world. And if you must live as such, you have to take all these tips into account.

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