East Meets West Training Success Stories

  • Personal Training Montrose

    I really enjoy Bianca's classes and am consistently impressed with her knowledge of and expertise in different styles of yoga and of the body. She's also a joy to spend time with!

    Bren Gorman
  • Personal Training Montrose

    Participating in Bianca's yoga class the last few months has been a real game changer for me. I had fallen away from my practice and Bianca has helped me achieve better balance and flexibility once again. Her sensitivity to my body's challenges and needs and her application of a variety of practices are incredible. My enhanced range of motion makes everyday life much more enjoyable.

    Pat Menville
  • Personal Training Montrose

    Went to three sessions and my back problems completely went away!!!

    I had thrown my back out 6 months before. I went to the sessions and my back has been fine ever since!!!

    Thank you!!!

    James Dilday
  • Personal Training Montrose

    아주 좋아요 너무 좋아요!

    Translation: Very good so good!

    Dong-il Ryou
  • Personal Training Montrose

    Bee was always able to challenge me with her workouts. I felt like she would cater the exercises depending on what she thought I could improve on. She was mindful that I had tight hip flexors and would show me stretches to loosen them up. Overall, I find Bee is creative with her style of workouts and is very approachable.

    Ellisha Rodger
  • Personal Training Montrose

    Bianca is not only an amazing yogi, she is thoughtful and thorough. She leads a group yoga class twice a week in our church/community. It is a mixture of all ages of women with different strengths and limitations. She customizes our yoga to suit us so we leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, challenged and strengthened. I cannot say enough about her. We love Bianca!

    Amy Kelley
  • Personal Training Montrose

    Bee Simone was a patient and lovely yoga teacher. She takes the time to make sure everyone is comfortable and growing. I really appreciate her positive energy in class and that she continues to grow in her personal practice with extended training.

    Dianne Cromwell
  • Personal Training Montrose

    After training by myself I came under the guidance of Bee and had a great workout experience with her. She revolutionized how I trained and my nutrition, also I could never thank her enough for introducing me to Yoga. The great thing about it all is that she made workouts so much fun and so interesting. Thank You Bee!

    Galina Bocharova

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